WeCAN MEMBER VOTE: Proposed updates to the WeCAN Bylaws

The WeCAN Board of Directors has been volunteering their time to get the West Colfax Association of Neighbors Bylaws updated. The core change to the bylaws is to be more inclusive by enabling online voting. We believe this will allow us to get more input and participation from our members when important issues come up in West Colfax. We realize that many residents and business owners are too busy to attend general meetings, but their input is nevertheless very important to us.  In addition, several other changes have been made such as revising our purpose, removing unneeded language, and further defining voting requirements.
Below are links to copies of the "old" bylaws and proposed "new" bylaws. We would appreciated any feedback our members can give, especially any glaring errors or specific points of contention. Email info@wecandenver.org.
These Bylaws will be voted upon at the May General Meeting.
"Old" Bylaws

Original bylaws dated Oct 2011.

"New" Bylaws

New proposed 2018 bylaws.

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