Citywide Building Survey Comes to West Colfax

Are there buildings in West Colfax that are special to you? Discover Denver wants to know.

What makes a building in West Colfax special? Discover Denver, a project focused on identifying historic and architecturally significant structures citywide, begins work in West Colfax in July 2019 and needs your help!

The survey gathers information about all Denver buildings using public records, neighborhood canvassing, academic research, and tips from the public. Volunteers play a significant role in Discover Denver: documenting buildings, researching building histories, and collecting stories from members of the community. Survey findings will ultimately be accessible online so that everyone can learn about Denver’s past — building by building.

Historic Denver, Inc. and the City and County of Denver co-lead the project, which is primarily funded by a Colorado State Historical Fund grant. Denver joins other major cities, including Los Angeles and Phoenix, that are conducting similar surveys.

Project benefits include:

  • Uncovering buildings of historic and architectural significance
  • Providing property owners with up-front information about buildings to inform reinvestment and sale decisions
  • Equipping city planners with information about historic resources when creating neighborhood plans
  • Bolstering civic pride

Over the next few months, residents and business owners will experience minimal – if any – impact from volunteer surveyors working in West Colfax (bordered by W. 17th and W. 19th avenues, Federal Boulevard, Lakewood Gulch, and Sheridan Boulevard). Survey volunteers observe a property from the public street or sidewalk, taking notes on its physical features and integrity. Volunteers will have project-specific identification and should identify themselves to you if asked. No one associated with Discover Denver will enter or access your property without your permission.

A “Discovery Day” open house event is planned for Sunday, July 28th at 1400 Quitman Street at Confluence Ministries. Neighbors can stop by to learn about the Discover Denver project and share what they know about the history of their neighborhood. Community input is key to the success of the project!

Tell us your West Colfax stories and learn more about the project and how to get involved at

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