WeCAN encourages all our West Colfax neighbors to cast your ballot on November 2, 2021 and add your voice to the democratic process. WeCAN also encourages you to do your research first when deciding how you will vote on any issue. Ballots will begin to be mailed out on October 8, 2021.

The Blue Book, the State Ballot Information Booklet from the Colorado General Assembly, and the DENVER BOOK provide information to educate yourselves on the issues facing our state and city.

The Yes on 302 organization reached out to WeCAN wanting to share information with our neighbors. Below are the arguments for and against initiative 302 that will be on this November’s ballot.

Here are several recent news articles that may help you in your research as well.

Here are the 13 measures set for Denver’s unusually crowded November ballot: A record number of citizen-led measures will appear on this year’s ballot from The Denver Post, September 4, 2021.

2021 election guide: 13 measures face voters on Denver’s crowded ballot. Police oversight, housing issues and $450 million bond package at stake from Colorado Newsline, September 24, 2021.

Denver Fall Elections 2021: Know Before You Vote from 303 Magazine, September 23, 2021.

Initiative 302 is fighting to protect the right of local communities to have the power to make land use decisions in their own neighborhoods — rather than letting the whole city decide for them. Specifically, the diverse Northeast Park Hill neighborhood, a historically marginalized community facing displacement and disinvestment, is fighting to have the right to decide how they would like to use the now defunct, privately owned Park Hill Golf Course. A recent city survey shows the neighborhood would like to use the property to create affordable housing, a grocery store, business opportunities and park space. 

There is another measure on the ballot that would give the rest of the city veto power over what the local community wants. 

We don’t let Cherry Creek decide what Five Points needs and vice versa, because local communities know best what they need. If Initiative 302 doesn’t pass, it sets a dangerous precedent for citywide voters to have power over any local neighborhood issue. 

By voting yes on Initiative 302, you are returning power to this local community and preserving the ability of all communities to make local land use decisions.Protect local choices and local voices, and vote yes on 302. To learn more visit empowernedenver.com.

YES for Parks and Open Space is an initiative launched by a group of concerned citizens who want to ensure that the voters in the City and County of Denver have a voice in how the land in our designated parks and open spaces, protected by conservation easements, can be used – starting with the 155 acres former Park Hill Golf Course.

This November, we will be in a David v. Goliath fight to provide additional protection for this land as a developer wants to extinguish the existing conservation easement and build mixed-use development on this pristine land.  We have a vision for this land that was inspired by programs in place and proven successful in other cities.

Learn more at https://yesopenspace.org/


Denver residents should have a direct say in their backyards, blocks, and neighborhoods. The Mayor and City Council didn’t listen. Now it’s our turn.

City leaders should be influenced by the people they represent, not money.