2017 Colfax Marathon Water Station

May 21st is the Colfax Marathon! Thousands of runners from near and far will run 26.2 miles at 5280’ altitude. No less than three exciting races will run right through the heart of West Colfax, including the full marathon, urban 10 miler, and relay.

WeCAN will be operating a water station at Colfax and Sheridan, the gateway to our neighborhood. This is a great way to get involved in your neighborhood and show some West Colfax pride. The 2017 water station theme is "Justice League". So grab your Superman or Wonder Woman costume and help support this year's runners.

Contact Dave@wecandenver.org for more information and to sign up. Or register online using the button above.

(Don't want to get wet but still want to be part of the action? Come down and be part of our cheering squad!)

WeCAN members hand out water to Colfax Marathon runners

Day-Of Logistics

Here's more information on what to expect on the day:

  1. Tables and supplies will be dropped at Colfax and Sheridan by 5:00am.
  2. We'll arrive one hour before our station is due to receive its first runner (first runner @ 7:30am, we will arrive by 6:30am). This will ensure that we can get parking. Car pooling, biking, or walking are also encouraged.
  3. We'll get the station completely set up 30-45 minutes before the first runner hits our station. Setup includes:
    • Set up tables according to station layout.
    • Get water hoses prepared and laid out.
    • Rinse out coolers.
    • Mix Gatorade
    • Fill and stack Gatorade and water on appropriate tables.
    • Layout trash cans with liners.
    • Place weather condition and water/Gatorade signage
  4. We'll pass out water and have fun!
  5. Once the last runner passes our station (expected by 10:15am), we'll break down and stack our tables, rinse out the coolers, pack, and clean our water station area for trash.
  6. The equipment and supply trucks will follow the last runner to collect tables, supplies and trash. Once these trucks have arrived and loaded, we've done our job.
  7. We'll head off for a celebratory group drink!
The Justice League
WeCAN members hand out water to Colfax Marathon runners