Become a WeCAN Sponsor

Become a WeCAN Sponsor

Local West Colfax businesses can help support WeCAN by sponsoring the yearly Welcome Folders, a monthly newsletter and general meeting, or an event. Please contact to donate or learn more about sponsorship opportunities.

WeCAN New Resident Welcome Folder – $200 for a 1 year sponsorship

The WeCAN Welcome Folders are delivered by our volunteers twice a year to all new homeowners in West Colfax. Your sponsorship for the year includes

  • Promotional material or coupons (must fit is a standard flat 8 ½” x 11” folder) included in all Welcome Folders; business must supply WeCAN with 600 hard copies.
  • If you supply us with 600 stickers, we’ll add those to the cover of the Folders with the WeCAN logo
  • Business listing on our Thank You Sponsors page
  • Business events on the WeCAN Events Calendar

WeCAN Monthly Newsletter and General Meeting – $200 for 1 month sponsorship

WeCAN brings together neighbors every month at our General Meetings (January-May, September-November) and sends out a monthly newsletter to promote happenings in West Colfax. Your sponsorship for the selected month of your choice includes your business

  • Featured in that month’s newsletter
  • Opportunity to introduce your business and promotes event at that month’s General Meeting (samples, swag to raffle, coupons, etc are encouraged to share with the neighbors)
  • Shout out on our Social Media platforms
  • Business listing on our Thank You Sponsors page year-round
  • Business events on the WeCAN Events Calendar  year-round

Sponsor a WeCAN Event

WeCAN holds several opportunities during the year just for neighbors to get together (to build community). Below are some of WeCAN’s regular events, some still in need of a sponsor! 

  • Seedstock Brewery sponsors our weekly WeCAN Running Club
  • Kaya Cannabis sponsors our Annual West Colfax Clean-up Day
  • April Tree Planting and Summer Tree Pruning Events – In-kind sponsors needed for event space and  breakfast items
  • Summer Neighborhood Social Event and winter Volunteer Appreciation Party – In-kind sponsorships of event space, food, drinks and raffle prizes are needed
  • Bring your ideas for a neighborhood event you’d like to partner with WeCAN on! It can be a one time event or something more recurring. We’d love to hear your idea on how to bring more neighbors together.
  • Business listing on our Thank You Sponsors page year-round
  • Business events on the WeCAN Events Calendar  year-round

All donations go towards helping fulfill WeCAN’s mission, “Bringing Neighbors Together to Build Community.” Sponsorships can help cover the expenses of the organization such as costs to maintain our website and printing. Sponsorships also help fund volunteer opportunities and social events that WeCAN brings to West Colfax. Some past and current events include;

  • Weekly WeCAN Running Club at Seedstock Brewery
  • Annual West Colfax Clean-up Day in partnership with Extreme Community Makeover and Kaya Cannabis
  • Tree Planting and Pruning in partnership with The Park People and Denver Digs Trees
  • Monthly General Meetings covering a range of community issues and connecting neighbors to local resources
  • Annual summer WeCAN Pop-Up Party and winter Volunteer Appreciation Party
  • Goodwill projects; helping neighbors in need with home improvement projects. A few past projects include installing a hot water heater and windows for neighbors.

There are several ways to support the West Colfax Association of Neighbors as outlined here. Your donation is a tax-deductible investment in your community. WeCAN looks forward to connecting with local businesses and appreciates your support!

The WeCAN board respectfully reserves the right to decline sponsorship that is not on our approved list of merchant categories or which does not align with WeCAN’s mission or values.  For a list of approved categories or any other questions, please send an email to