WeCAN is interested in creative fundraising opportunities that support our mission statement, "Bringing Neighbors Together to Build Community". Our ideal events should exemplify and strengthen our core values in West Colfax. We try to focus on sustainability, wellness, and social interaction in the neighborhood.

Throughout the year, neighbors and partners support the work that we do in West Colfax by participating in one of our events. We love working with new volunteers who are interested in donating their time in order to give back to the neighborhood (whether for a fundraiser or any of the other events we lead).

If you're interested in participating in or for one of our events, we'd love to hear from you. Or, if you have a great idea or opportunity for a WeCAN fundraising event, just send an email to our Fundraising Committee chair, This committee is currently planning a number of events for both this and future years.

Stay tuned to the News and Events sections to learn more.