Land Use Resources

Visit the WeCAN Land Use Folder for information on recent rezone and permitting requests in the West Colfax neighborhood.

Want to know what is currently being built and what is coming to West Colfax? Check out the West Colfax Projects Airtable to get the most recent plans and where there property is in the review process.

Learn more about Denver’s Rezoning Process and search for currently proposed rezones city-wide on Denver’s Office of Community Planning and Development website.

If you have any questions or comments on Land Use in West Colfax, please contact Jonathan Pira at [email protected], WeCAN’s Land Use Committee Chair.

Uso de la tierra en West Colfax

Visite Carpeta de uso de la tierra de WeCAN para obtener información sobre rezonificación reciente y solicitudes de permisos en el vecindario de West Colfax.

¿Quiere saber qué se está construyendo actualmente y qué se avecina en West Colfax? Revisar Proyectos de Colfax Oeste  para obtener los planos más recientes y dónde se encuentra la propiedad en el proceso de revisión.

Aprender más acerca delproceso de rezonificación de Denver y buscar re-zonas propuestas actualmente en toda la ciudad en la Oficina de Denver Planificación y desarrollo comunitario sitio web.

Si tiene alguna pregunta o comentario sobre el uso de la tierra en West Colfax, comuníquese con Jonathan Pira en [email protected], presidente del Comité de Uso de la Tierra de WeCAN.

How does WeCAN support land use decisions in the neighborhood?

WeCAN aims to bring neighbors together to build community. In this effort, we facilitate engagement between neighbors and city staff pertaining to neighborhood plans, events, opportunities, and issues. Today’s community input will shape West Colfax’s tomorrow! 

WeCAN recognizes that the composition our board and membership do not reflect our neighborhood’s diversity of ages, incomes, ethnicities, family choices, and lived experiences. Our board sees that RNO structures, as they exist today, often perpetuate inequity in the city. In particular, RNOs’ outsize voice in rezonings and plan formation has led to poor outcomes for many Denver residents over time. 

Our own organization’s history also demonstrates that contention over rezonings often leads to acrimonious conflict between neighbors. This outcome is obstructive to WeCAN’s core mission of bringing neighbors together to build community.

With all of this considered, our Board has determined that WeCAN does not formally adopt positions on rezonings, variances, and plan adoption. Instead, we use our experience to help our membership:

  • Understand the impact of plans and rezonings on neighborhood develop
  • Understand the city’s processes related to Land Use
  • Translate the jargon of land use into layman’s terms
  • Learn where, how, and when to make their own, individual voices heard as significant land use decisions progress.
  • Stay informed on major development news in West Colfax and nearby places.

We feel this policy balances two goals: helping our community understand and influence the path of the neighborhood, and reducing undue influence caused by structural inequities.

Our other committees, including Mobility, Affordable Housing, Safety, and Sustainability continue to take formal positions on matters within their purview.

If you have any questions or comments on Land Use in West Colfax, please contact Jonathan Pira at [email protected], WeCAN’s Land Use Committee Chair.

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