What Is WeCAN?

What is WeCAN?

The West Colfax Association of Neighbors – aka WeCAN – is the Registered Neighborhood Organization (RNO) for the West Colfax neighborhood in the City and County of Denver. WeCAN, a registered nonprofit 501(c)(3), was founded in 2009 and is located in the beautiful city of Denver, Colorado.

WeCAN is a free organization to join for those who live or own property in West Colfax. It is a citizens group that strives to share information, events, resources and opportunities to bring neighbors together. WeCAN has several committees and long-standing events happening year-round; please reach out to us if you would like to get involved and volunteer your time and skills to your West Colfax neighborhood!

Where is WeCAN located?

WeCAN follows the City and County of Denver’s boundaries of the West Colfax neighborhood: stretching from 17th & 19th Avenue on the north, the Lakewood Dry Gulch Park to the south, Sheridan Boulevard on the west and Federal Boulevard on the east.

Map of the boundaries of WeCAN and West Colfax
WeCAN Boundary Map

WeCAN holds its General Meetings on the second Tuesday of the month (January-May and September-November) from 6:00-7:00 PM virtually or in the Hall of the Confluence Ministry building at 1400 Quitman St. The WeCAN Board of Directors meets quarterly at this location as well. WeCAN committee meetings often meet in various locations throughout West Colfax. You can always find meeting dates and locations on our event calendar.

What Does WeCAN Do?

WeCAN is a very active community and has been awarded recognition from the City and County of Denver for its community building and sustainability efforts, including being recognized with the ‘Keep Denver Beautiful’ in 2017. WeCAN strives to connect our West Colfax neighbors to one another in an effort to build community. We do this primarily through committee work and events.

WeCAN has several committees led by passionate volunteers: Mobility, Business Outreach, Affordable Housing, Land Use, Communications and Safety. WeCAN also welcomes new ideas for committees if you are a neighbor with a specific passion you would like to lead.

WeCAN holds several regular events and volunteer opportunities in West Colfax every year: Monday WeCAN Running Club at Seedstock Brewery, fall neighborhood clean-up with Extreme Community Makeover, spring tree planting day with The Park People, a water station for the May Colfax Marathon and fun social events throughout the year.

What is A RNO?

RNOs are groups formed by residents and property owners within a neighborhood who meet regularly and whose organizational and contact information is kept on file with Denver’s Community Planning and Development Department. Like all organizations active in the Denver community, RNOs are an important part of the fabric of the city and play a key role in the ongoing effort to make Denver a great place to live and work.

What is the difference between a RNO and a Homeowner’s Association?

Homeowner Associations (HOAs) are generally paid membership organizations that are mandatory with home ownership in certain housing developments. RNOs, by contrast, are generally larger groups of residents and property owners that represent significant geographic areas within the city and that usually do not charge membership fees. An HOA that represents a smaller, individual development within a neighborhood may also register with the city as an RNO if it meets the minimum membership (12 members) — as long as it is active, led by local residents and working within the intent of the ordinance to facilitate communication between the city and its members.